Saturday, 6 November 2010


Beautiful women with suspiciously perfect skin and gorgeous hair, not to mention majority size 0! They are everywhere! Looking at us from the cover page of every magazine, music videos, adverts making us feel inadequate and unattractive! As a girl who loves fashion, heels (that I buy and never wear because I can't walk in them and look dignified!:P ) and looking good, I have to be honest - I am against media forcing this artificial idol of beauty on us, real women who actually like to eat and haven't got a team of pro-stylists following us like shadows every day, but the trend just seems unstoppable! :) 

Every girl is amazing in a different way, we just have to realise that and feel confident in our own skin! We shouldn't live up to other people's expectations! Life would be so boring if we were all the same! But you already know that! :)

On the other hand, I am a huge 'before and after' fan! I love the before and afters of almost anything! I like re-doing my house, clothes, everything and anything you can think of, because I love change and transformation!!! Celebrities are used to looking amazing but it's so rewarding when an everyday girl gets to see herself look entirely different and realise she is just as beautiful as any of them gorgeous women we look up to. :) 'Make over' is a great recipe containing all the right ingredients - make up, Photoshop and of course natural beauty and charm! I love doing Make over Photography! It's great feeling being able to show girls that every single one of them can become a CoverGirl! :) 

All right, i am not going to bore you anymore! Here is BEFORE and AFTER of one gorgeous, smart and successful girl Nicky who happens to be my sister. It was such pleasure to work with you and thank you for letting me use your images! :)   

Love Karienne



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  1. Oh, well, everyone looks better "after" when the "before" is shot with a flash while standing against a wall. ;-)

    Yet these "after"s are some seriously nice pieces of "make over" work. Truly well done.

  2. Skúška registrovaného OpenID ...

    A pozerám, pozerám, že zatiaľ máš čitateľov skôr hanblivejšieho druhu. :-)