Saturday, 13 November 2010

Baby Love

Today's shoot was lovely. Having the most well behaved, laid back and gorgeous 11 week old baby to photograph was a joy. This is a new style of photography we are trying at the moment, capturing babies as art, we love the eclectic mix of textures and props to enhance the image and of course the utter cuteness of the subjects! At the moment we are on the look out for suitable props for our baby shoots, old suitcases, wooden boxes, big bobbly woolly hats, in fact we are off to another car boot sale on Sunday to see what treasures we can find :) 
We know the importance of baby photo's that evoke memories and emotion, so photographing these tender years for our clients is a privilege, baby years are over so quickly so these images are an important reminder of those cherished years.
It's not so much about waiting for the expression in babies, as their faces are full of innocence and baby beauty, with there perfect dewy soft skin and big curious eyes. Every photo captures a look which the parents remember, the odd side smile, the windy grimace or those knowing eyes.  
Today we took photographs of the baby both asleep and awake, he happily relished in the attention and the furry blanket and the odd sniff from the kitten, before letting us know ,in that baby way, that enough is enough, a sneaky cuddle as he fell asleep and we are in photography heaven :)
We always say that the best thing any photographer can do is to know how to shoot in any situation, something we believe enhances our images as we take our time and don't rush. Here are some of our favourite from the day, more to come soon.........
Love Karienne & Elizabeth

We thought we would include some backstage photos, its quite hard to get such a small baby to sit up especially as he wanted to eat the blanket and his fists, with a little maneuvering and hands always ready and of course a quick photographer we managed to capture some beautiful photographs.......

Enjoying the Morning Air

Every now and again as photographers we get commissioned to do something completely different. I was recently asked to produce some stock images for a livestock auction company. I have always had a strange interest in cows ( I think that is why I married a farmers son :))) they are curious and protective animals, its very rare for a cow to neglect her calf after birth. They stand and stare for ages, every now and again checking on their young with a little glance, they are fascinating to observe.
I had the most beautiful morning sun to work with, although it may have been chilly, working in the stunning surroundings of Cornwall soon takes your mind off your numb toes! I really enjoyed this shoot, being outside, sitting in a field waiting for the cows to come and check out the strange person with the black thing in front of her face! I wish I had taken a flask of coffee, note to self for next time :) It certainly was a day for breathing in the country air, I even had time to take a few landscape photographs, something I haven't done for a while. Anyway enjoy the pictures and remember the sun at this time of year is perfect for photographs, subtle and warming, this is my favourite season :)) 

Love Elizabeth

Friday, 12 November 2010

Nicky Part II

Hi everyone! November, hmmmmm… It definitely feels like it when we look outside.  Getting colder and colder everyday =/. I guess we’ll have to get used to putting on more layers of clothing sooner than we thought. Bye bye shorts and flip flops, hello winter jackets and boots.

Things are kind of crazy at the moment! Finally posting the rest of the images from the mazing make over photo shoot from last week! =)  

We are both very excited about shooting our youngest client so far tomorrow! =) Watch this space for new piccies comming soon! :)

LOVE  Karienne

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Beautiful women with suspiciously perfect skin and gorgeous hair, not to mention majority size 0! They are everywhere! Looking at us from the cover page of every magazine, music videos, adverts making us feel inadequate and unattractive! As a girl who loves fashion, heels (that I buy and never wear because I can't walk in them and look dignified!:P ) and looking good, I have to be honest - I am against media forcing this artificial idol of beauty on us, real women who actually like to eat and haven't got a team of pro-stylists following us like shadows every day, but the trend just seems unstoppable! :) 

Every girl is amazing in a different way, we just have to realise that and feel confident in our own skin! We shouldn't live up to other people's expectations! Life would be so boring if we were all the same! But you already know that! :)

On the other hand, I am a huge 'before and after' fan! I love the before and afters of almost anything! I like re-doing my house, clothes, everything and anything you can think of, because I love change and transformation!!! Celebrities are used to looking amazing but it's so rewarding when an everyday girl gets to see herself look entirely different and realise she is just as beautiful as any of them gorgeous women we look up to. :) 'Make over' is a great recipe containing all the right ingredients - make up, Photoshop and of course natural beauty and charm! I love doing Make over Photography! It's great feeling being able to show girls that every single one of them can become a CoverGirl! :) 

All right, i am not going to bore you anymore! Here is BEFORE and AFTER of one gorgeous, smart and successful girl Nicky who happens to be my sister. It was such pleasure to work with you and thank you for letting me use your images! :)   

Love Karienne



PS: The comments area needs some 'loving' :) so don't hesitate to let us know what you think. :)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Mark & Hollie Cyprus 2010

It's always such an honour to be invited to photograph someones wedding, capturing all the special moments they share with friends and family throughout the big day. Photographing the wedding of Mark and Hollie was especially special as they have been friends of mine for many years. Not only can I enjoy capturing their special moments but also a glass of champagne at the same time :) Hollie you looked stunning. Mark you certainly made an effort for your beautiful bride, can't remember the last time I didn't see you covered in dust and dirt!

Mark and Hollie flew all the way to Cyprus to be married in the gorgeous town of Pafos, a stunning wedding venue with the most perfect weather. After a very intimate wedding ceremony Mark and Hollie enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with their guests in the grounds, which over looked the ocean. After their wedding breakfast and some amazing speeches (Mark I am sure I saw a tear in your eye) I took Mark and Hollie for some pictures on the beach in the sunset, you guys looked so in love, happy and relaxed. 

I wish you both happiness and love as you start your journey as Mr and Mrs Beaman.  It was both an honour and pleasure to photograph your big day. Here are some of my favourite photographs......