Saturday, 13 November 2010

Enjoying the Morning Air

Every now and again as photographers we get commissioned to do something completely different. I was recently asked to produce some stock images for a livestock auction company. I have always had a strange interest in cows ( I think that is why I married a farmers son :))) they are curious and protective animals, its very rare for a cow to neglect her calf after birth. They stand and stare for ages, every now and again checking on their young with a little glance, they are fascinating to observe.
I had the most beautiful morning sun to work with, although it may have been chilly, working in the stunning surroundings of Cornwall soon takes your mind off your numb toes! I really enjoyed this shoot, being outside, sitting in a field waiting for the cows to come and check out the strange person with the black thing in front of her face! I wish I had taken a flask of coffee, note to self for next time :) It certainly was a day for breathing in the country air, I even had time to take a few landscape photographs, something I haven't done for a while. Anyway enjoy the pictures and remember the sun at this time of year is perfect for photographs, subtle and warming, this is my favourite season :)) 

Love Elizabeth

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  1. Livestock stock images. :-) Don't know much about stock photo so it's hard to criticise/praise.

    The lighting on the pictures with cows is amazing. Some of the pictures (subjectively) lack contrast though.