Sunday, 27 April 2014

Getting over my baby-phobia… :-)

When Elizabeth and I, first started our photography business I wouldn't even pick a baby up. That was over four years ago now, it's funny how much times change… My baby phobia has become a memory when my nephew Alex was born and although I still don't get broody thinking -I really want one too (unlike my 'baby-snatcher' business half Liz), I think babies are adorable and over these last few years I've developed love for working with families and capturing their memories. Photographs, I am sharing with you today were taken at my recent visit back home in Slovakia. Kristina, beautiful mami of these gorgeous little human beings is one of my  oldest friends, and I think she's been posing for me when I first took photography up since we were 15. Yet, again, how much have we changed? I remember us strolling around the park, me in my hippie outfits(or goth? - losing track of which phase of my life I was going through.)and Kristina with her slightly boyish sporty look. And look at us now! :-) We've both grown into women, each of us following her own little journey through this life. I've been there at her wedding, when her first baby girl was born and now I went back to welcome her little son into this world. Looking back it feels unreal… Kristina you have got such a beautiful family and I am so proud of you, of what a wonderful mum you are!

Anyway, back to my baby-phobia… :-) I've always found it hard to work with kids, because it's not like they would listen, is it? So I found a little trick how to get around their excitement of being photographed and me completely being out of my comfort zone because noone listens to me haha… :-) hashtag controlfreak 
So here's my little tip for those photographers who suffer from children-phobia too. Make sure you have plenty of time to do the shoot. Spend first half an hour just chatting to the parents, have coffee, eat some cake, play with the kids, let them show you their toys and get to comfortable with you… have your camera by your side the whole time, so it doesn't spark their curiosity too much when you start shooting… and then when everyone is comfortable with the situation, off you go, you can shoot them now. :-) 

This might not work for everyone, but I found it works for me. I understand it's harder when you're getting paid for certain amount of time, and sometimes you just need to get things done but certain things in life can't be rushed…
I hope this little blog helps anyone, and if one person gets back to me saying they've tried this little technique and it worked I will be over the moon. 

Enjoy your day!
Lots of love
Karienne xxx

And here are few backstage shots from my iPhone… :-)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Solvita & Steve {Wedding} April 2014

Steve and Solvita - we loved photographing your sunny wedding day and all those happy smiley faces. You two were ace letting us do what we do best - "just one more photo!" You had a perfect day finished off with a perfect sunset. Thank you for letting us share your wedding day and photograph all those who are most special to you....and of course the both of you, you made us feel most welcome and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your day, you were fab to work with.
Lots of love

Hattie & Chris {Engagement} April 2014

Say hi to lovely Hattie, her cheeky husband to be Chris {12.15!!! remember Chris ) and Hattie's gorgeous wedding present Gem! We are not jealous at all! Hattie & Chris, we have another beautiful wedding at a farm to look forward to now and we can't wait for your Big Day! Love K&E