Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Georgina & Kristian [Engagement photo shoot], March 2012, Colton

We are slightly behind with our blog but we have got a good excuse, actually quite a few! :-) The beautiful spring is here and so we are busy with engagement shoots and preparations for upcoming weddings.

Georgina and Kristina tied the knot at the Holy Trinity Church  in Colton last Saturday, followed by a amazing reception at their very own pub Ye Old Dun Cow… we can't wait to share their Big Day with you, but today we are thrilled to show you a selection of photographs form their pre-wedding shoot.

As you probably know already, in addition to wedding photography, all our wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement shoot, from which you will receive a  mounted and framed print of your choice where guests can leave you personal messages around the border on your special day, a modern twist on the guest book! 


All our photo shoots are very relaxed and informal. We work very quick and efficient and try to make the session as much fun as possible... we love capturing true emotions and those can't be posed or staged! :-)

Hope you will like this little family as much as we do! Photographs from their amazing wedding to follow soon.

Live, love, laugh... Karienne

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bella & Lee [Engagement photo shoot] 15th March 2012, Doveridge

A few snaps from yesterday's shoot with sweet Bella &  her camera-shy husband to be - Lee who are getting married on 12th May this year. :-) We are very much looking forward to their wedding! :-) 

Karienne & Elizabeth

Monday, 5 March 2012

My week in Tunisia... [19th - 26th February 2012]

Hello world! :-)
For those who haven't met me yet, I'd like to introduce myself - my name is Karienne and there's a good chance that we are going to bump into each other on your or your friend's wedding soon. :-)

 Although today's blog has got nothing to do with the wedding photography... (unless you're planning to go for your honeymoon to Tunisia :-)), I'd like to share with you some of the amazing places I've seen on my short holidays in Africa 2 weeks ago...

To be absolutely honest I came back with a very mixed feelings. In such a place you can experience so much wealth, yet so much poverty. So much beauty, yet so much ugly. But above all, so much more than you could ever expect...

So forget about the everyday reality for a couple of minutes and join me on my journey...

The best thing about going to a foreign country is that you can dress as you like without nobody judging. :-) I love my harem trousers.

El Jem

El Jem - one of the largest roman amphitheatres in the world.

The Berber village in Matmata.

The Berber village in Matmata.
The Berber woman. (Look at the expression in her face!? LOL)

The Camel Station in Douz  - a town in central Tunisia, known as the "gateway to the Sahara.
My camel which I called 'The Godfather Salem'. :-) Were riding on the lead of the caravan, and Salem was looking back the whole time, checking the rest of the camels and whistling making sure everyone is following. So cute! :-)

We've spent 2 neverending days on this couch... it was mental! But worth it... :-)

One of the things I really didn't like about this country was how dirty it is. :-( There were carrier bags, plastic bottles and all sorts of rubbish everywhere! I think the locals should treasure their beautiful homeland and take better care, because as soon as you leave your hotel resort, the place is absolute disgrace.

Our 4x4 driver -Habib.

Anyone here a Star Wars fan? I am not, but apparently this is a village of Jedi or something... :-D

Arriving at the oasis of Chebika.

Not your typical road sign... :-) is it?

Highlight of the whole trip for me! I love love LOVE horses...

Port El Kantaoui

'Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba' in Monastir

I am going to stop myself at this point because I have over 1200 images from Tunisia. :-) Hope you've enjoyed my mini travel blog, and got a bit of a feel of what Tunisia is like. Maybe you even feel tempted to visit it yourself?! :-) I'd love to hear your comments, good or bad. :-)

♥ Karienne