Saturday, 13 November 2010

Baby Love

Today's shoot was lovely. Having the most well behaved, laid back and gorgeous 11 week old baby to photograph was a joy. This is a new style of photography we are trying at the moment, capturing babies as art, we love the eclectic mix of textures and props to enhance the image and of course the utter cuteness of the subjects! At the moment we are on the look out for suitable props for our baby shoots, old suitcases, wooden boxes, big bobbly woolly hats, in fact we are off to another car boot sale on Sunday to see what treasures we can find :) 
We know the importance of baby photo's that evoke memories and emotion, so photographing these tender years for our clients is a privilege, baby years are over so quickly so these images are an important reminder of those cherished years.
It's not so much about waiting for the expression in babies, as their faces are full of innocence and baby beauty, with there perfect dewy soft skin and big curious eyes. Every photo captures a look which the parents remember, the odd side smile, the windy grimace or those knowing eyes.  
Today we took photographs of the baby both asleep and awake, he happily relished in the attention and the furry blanket and the odd sniff from the kitten, before letting us know ,in that baby way, that enough is enough, a sneaky cuddle as he fell asleep and we are in photography heaven :)
We always say that the best thing any photographer can do is to know how to shoot in any situation, something we believe enhances our images as we take our time and don't rush. Here are some of our favourite from the day, more to come soon.........
Love Karienne & Elizabeth

We thought we would include some backstage photos, its quite hard to get such a small baby to sit up especially as he wanted to eat the blanket and his fists, with a little maneuvering and hands always ready and of course a quick photographer we managed to capture some beautiful photographs.......


  1. These are truly beautiful baby-pictures. Thumbs up, ladies!

  2. These are amazing.The best baby pictures I've seen in very long time!