Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Welcome, Alexander! ;-)

If you've been following us for a while you probably remember my beautiful sister Liana. If you haven't got slightest clue what am I on about, check out this post! Well, I am very happy to be able to announce that last Friday 1st of July 2011 at 9.09 am, there has been an addition to our family and as you have probably figured out by the title of this post, his name is Alexander!

Alex is cute and adorable beyond words and I can't find words that would describe how proud and happy my entire family is to finally meet this little miracle we have all been waiting for last 9 months! I just stare at him for hours because he is absolutely perfect and can't stop thinking about all the adventures we are going to get up to together as he grows older.

It's been less than a week since Alex's birthday and he's already got a portfolio of images any aspiring model would be proud of. :-) Here are some of the pictures I took of him. 

Love Karienne

PS: As always, enjoy and drop us a line in the comments area. :-)

The pictures above and below were taken the day after Alex was born. His mum threatened never to speak to me again if I publish any of her photos, so I am posting one with me for now. At least until I manage to use my persuasion skills to get Liana in front of the lens. :-)

And here are a few from yesterday's session with Alex and his proud daddy.

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  1. He´s sooo cute and again congratulations to mummy and daddy and also to aunt Kajusa :)