Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ivan Rowley-Bond [Christening]

This is the first christening we have done and I have to say it was amazing, as with all of our weddings I was made to feel really welcome and one of the crowd (even by the camera shy folk :) and thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone have fun, drink wine (beer in some cases) and enjoy the delicious food that Kayleigh and Chris' family had so lovingly prepared, the pork was to die for, and the ham and the cheescake, I think you get the jist!!! Ivan is so gorgeous, happy, and smiley and took the day all in his stride (apart from a small power nap after lunch to regain his energy!)
Some of you may know that Karienne and I love all things vintage, so imagine my joy when I got to the venue and it was filled with vases of wild flowers, homemade vintage candle holders and the most beautiful baby blue bunting. I especially liked the little touches that had been put out, hale bales as seats, although the kids thought they were for jumping off LOL. Little blue and white tea cups with cream roses inside for table decorations, I was quite literally in vintage heaven. So, what a beautiful day it was to have a Christening, we had a little bit of rain but it certainly didn't hamper peoples fun or the atmosphere of the day, it soon cleared and everyone enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful surroundings again. Happy Christening day Ivan.....
Here are some of the photos from the day, you can click on them for a larger view :)

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