Saturday, 16 July 2011

Our Graduation Day 15th July 2011

In our job, we are very lucky to share the most special moments of people's lives, so today  I've decided to post a sneak peek of our Graduation Day and for a change invite you, our dearest friends, to this very special occasion for us! Did we mention we both got Distinctions? :)

The ceremony took place in the Italian Gardens in Trentham which surely you'll agree with me, is an absolutely magical place. The whole experience was quite surreal with all the people 'dressed up as Harry Potter' walking around. People always say that I live in my own fantasy world, which I guess isn't far from the truth, so I was in my element. :-) 

I am not going lie to you... last three years have been... tough, to say the least! ;-) Studying for our degree, while launching our business and trying to remain healthy work/life balance was a challenge! Therefore I have to say that today I am really proud for both of us! This degree has challenged our patience, perseverance, knowledge and skills, but after all the lady moments, sunny days spent sat by the computer screen writing essays and all the horrible presentations we were forced to do, here we are at the end of one chapter of our lives, eager to start writing a new one! :-) 

There's a lot of things I thank this degree for but the main one is meeting Liz. We met during the studies and we are leaving as great friends who decided to take on this great business adventure together... ! :-) Yesterday was great day and we were really happy that we could spend this day with our closest families! Here are a few snapshots from the day! :-) I really wish I took picture of that gorgeous carrot cake we had! You know we both have a bit of a sweet tooth!

I'd like to end this post with a short quote from a popular song 'Feeling good' as it was quoted through the opening speeches of the ceremony quite a few times and there is something about that song that definitely sticks and describes how we feel right now...

'It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me...

And I'm feeling good...'

Love Karienne

PS: The whole day has been great apart from someone hat landing with the sharp edge right on my head when we threw our hats in the air! Ouch that hurt! I mean the whole act looks innocent but I can tell you now that it can go horribly wrong! :-) And as for my progress with getting used to the heels, I think I am finally mastering the whole catwalk technique but by the end of the day I was defeated... or shall I say de-feet-ed! :-)  

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