Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Claire & Andy {Wedding} 23rd May 201


Names... I am really rubbish at remembering them, faces those I am excellent with, but names are really my weakness and it can get quite embarrassing! So now to a wedding where the Best Man was called Rob whose wedding we have also shot in 2013. Claire & Andy (not Rob!!! - Andy!) even though I kept calling Andy Rob pretty much whole day got married on 23rd May 2015 and it was beautiful to watch this lovely couple exchanging their wedding wows in St. Mary's Church in Bucknall. 

Now bridesmaid's names those I really struggle with. Thinking back in 7 years of photographing weddings I've only remembered two bridesmaid's names - 'Roxy' because that's what my cat is called too and it's just an awesome name and 'Karina' because we shared the same name and hers was spelled with K just like mine. :-) So my record isn't the best but after Claire & Rr... Andy's wedding I will also remember Katie the most bubbly and confident 6-year old princess I've ever met.  Katie you were perfect in front of the camera, a real pro with a lovely smile :) 

Make Up by lovely Lorraine Poulton

Before I let you scroll down I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Lorraine - the make up artist, for giving me a little present (she'll know) and a few useful tips on doing my own make up while creating the most stunning bridal make up for Claire. Lorraine is an make up artist, colour consultant and a style coach and helps women to look their best by using combination of all her skills. Click on the link before for more information.

Claire & Andy, thank you for choosing us to capture your magical memories...

♥ Your Karienne

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