Monday, 30 March 2015

Gok Wan, frizzy hair & few snaps of Liverpool...

Hello lovelies! :-)

It's not very often you casually bump into a celeb getting of the train and when that celeb  is one of your favourite Fashion experts you have no other option but to stalk him across the whole train station (not embarrassing at slightest!!!! ;D ) and ask him for a photo. 'Sorry Gok for putting you on the spot but you handled it like a pro. :-)' 

The rest of the trip was ok too. :-) Little bit of shopping, visiting the Beatles Story museum and strolling around The Albert Dock. The spring is finally here, days are getting longer and creatures like me are finally waking up from their winter hibernation which means only one thing - my travel bug is awake too. :-)

If you have never been to Liverpool before, YOU need to go and visit! Hope you will enjoy these few photographs of this gorgeous city. :-

Love Karienne xx

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