Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My 10 best moments of 2014!!! {by Karienne}

2015 is literally just a couple of hours away and before I get dressed up for tonights celebrations, I'd like to reflect on this year for the one last time. Choosing my 10 favourite moments and their photographic representation has been a bigger challenge than I anticipated but I will try to keep it short because ain't nobody got time for mahoosive blog posts. :-) Especially not today!

So here we go...

10 - My trip to Malta and Island of Gozo in February 2014...
Malta is a warm, friendly place with amazing food, rich history and beautiful coastline. I travelled alone and I spent a week exploring this island, meeting new people, getting lost and just enjoying the sunshine. Booking this trip alone was inspired by my favourite book of all times by Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, Pray, Love - just thought it would be worth mentioning...

9 - 3 days in Paris in March 2014
The view of the Paris at the night time from the Eiffel Tower photographed on a very crisp evening.  I need to go back there to taste more of their delicious food and put a love lock on one of the bridges with my boy.

8 - Sizzling hot getaway to Barcelona in June 2014
The weather was sooo hot and we've had the best (although slightly expensive :-)) time in Spain. We must have walked around 10 km every day and then eventually decided to take a bus tour around the main landmarks. Two very culture packed days followed by way too many sangrias and mojitos and lazy day on the beach Barcelonetta.

7 - The Capital of Poland - Warsaw in July 2014
My boyfriends happens to come from this beautiful city so I've had the best tour guide I could ask for, on this trip. Warsaw and I, it was love at first sight (same as with Michal :-) )!! The historical town centre is buzzing with  life in it's countless bars, small cafeterias and restaurants. Also meeting my new family and getting to know them was lovely.

6 - The Wedding of the year, Poland 2014
As much as I love my job, sharing the most important day with this couple has been an unforgettable experience. Almost 18 months of planning and the day has finally arrived!! Monika and I, were up at seven having our hair done together and I crushed in my hotel room at six in the morning on the next day.  Hand on heart, I have never eaten and drunk as much on any of my all inclusive holidays as I did on this day. Holy Moly Guacamole, you could feed whole Africa and drink under the table half of Russia with the food and drinks we were served. ;-) Thank you for this day!

5 - Spending time with this girl...
We've been through so much with this girl. We partied every weekend of 2013 away and we've traveled together to Paris this year and I just have so many great memories with this lovely human being. ;-) Even though she lives hundreds of miles away now, she will always be in my heart and I know I will see her soon. 

4 - Home sweet home - Slovakia August 2014
When you live on the other side of the world and your old friendships and every interaction with your family; depend on the existence of social media, whatsapp and skype, you treasure every moment when you can see them in flesh, hug them, touch them, laugh with them. That's why every visit home, even though I don't go very often is a very special occasion. The world is so big and there's so much to see, just not enough time... :-)

3 - The Bedroom envy...
Originally, I wanted to find a nice photo of me and my great business partner and friend Lizzie, however we didn't seem to be taking many selfies this year (note to self : fix the lack of selfies in 2015) so I have decided to choose my favourite wedding moment this year instead. As you can imagine, in this job we are very blessed by meeting the most amazing people and visiting some truly stunning places so this is not to say I have enjoyed other wedding any less! But! ...walking into this romantic, elegant bedroom, decorated with shabby chic wallpaper, vintage furniture and scattered with  lot of small treasures, was a photographers heaven! :-)

2 - Last time we saw the sunshine this year - Turkey, October 2014
More sunshine, sea & cocktails. :-) We did a lot of sightseeing too. This photograph was taken in the ruins of Pamukkalle. I'd just like to add that I am too lazy to carry tripod with me and tourists generally take very blurry photos so all of my photos of us are taken from fences, benches or bins around the world. :-)

1 - Meeting this boy & falling in love with him... 5th March 2015 :-)
Now he can never say he doesn't remember our anniversary :-) but jokes aside... Meet my best friend & my soul mate. He annoys me occasionally but he also makes me smile every day. We share the same dreams, work towards the same goals and I hope we grow old together :-) Love you babe. xxx

So those were the highlights of my 2014 and I truly wish I could share more with you because I have so many great memories from this year but it's time to close this chapter and start another bestseller. :-) I hope you all have an amazing start to 2015! I hope you fill every day with moments of love, laughter & happiness and that you stick to your New Years Resolutions! :-)

My NY resolutions for 2015 are:
  • Start wearing the costume jewellery which I am obsessed with buying but never seem to put it on!
  • Find more time to play! My life at the moment is work, work, work, ... work... holidays. Work... more work work, wooork and holidays and I'd like to change that next year and steal little moments of time for myself to read a magazine, meet friends for coffee or go for a walk on Saturday morning instead of cleaning the house. :-)
Fingers crossed I will stick to it and you will too. :-)

Lots of love in 2015,
Karina xxx

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