Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Kung & Mark {Wedding} 18th August 2012

Mr & Mrs Bagnall we have to start by saying we can still taste the delicious food you served us, it was out of this world, you are lucky we still managed to take pictures after that feast! We will never forget meeting Mark who arranged the majority of this wedding. Nothing was enough for his princess bride to be Kung, this man was smitten with Kung the day he met her and he was determined to create the most beautiful relaxed and fun wedding he could. Mark you did an amazing job, the smiles on everyones face was proof of that. Kung you looked stunning from morning to night. We wish you all the best Mr & Mrs Blue Chilli (you MUST eat their if you are reading this) We will be back....that is a definite, to say hi and to eat your fabulous food.


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