Sunday, 17 June 2012

3 Generations of Smiles :)

This is 3 generations of the brown family, with their infectious smiles (as you can see) and the cutest well behaved children, not at all camera shy.....we did use a few (ok, a lot) of chocolate buttons to get those perfect smiles from the kids. Look at their eyes, they all have the most beautiful peepers :)
We were commissioned to photograph this family at a holiday home in Eccleshall as they had all come from different parts of the UK, and were staying in the Midlands for a week. For once the weather was on our side which was amazing as we really didn't have an option to re-schedule!

Thank you for choosing us to capture this moment and second in your family lives. We apologise for the weather after we left, it doesn't always rain in the Midlands....honest.

Here are some of my favourite pictures 
❤ Elizabeth

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