Friday, 25 May 2012

Kristina [Gorgeous Bump Outdoor Shoot]

Meet one of my gorgeous friends - Kristina and her tiny little bump. Some of you might remember Kristina from our wedding albums. Admittedly, I've been using my friend as a model ever since I started learning photography all those years back.  She was ever so brave (and patient!!!) letting me experiment with my 'crazy' ideas and then few years later, I had the pleasure of photographing her and her hubby's wedding. When she first announced their engagement, the rest of us girls couldn't believe it, because she always used to say that she'd never get married or have kids, and then she was the first one of us to tie the knot. :-) 

And now she's having a little girl and we are all excited about meeting this new addition to our 'girl gang' in couple of weeks :-) Kristina, I love you, you're one of my dearest friends, and you've been such an inspiration to the rest of us girls, thanks to you and your story, I still believe in real life fairy tales... :-)


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  1. dakujem kajuska, si uzasna :-)