Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love, you two, us two & engagement photo shoots ...

So, here’s the blog post I promised you last  week and it’s going to be an educational one today. ;-) The idea behind this little ‘posing guide for lovebirds who are about to be shot’ (How’s this for a captivating blog title?! :-P) came to me when editing the final selection of images from last week’s engagement shoot. I’ve had a pleasure of photographing Zsofi and Zoltan, a wonderful couple of college sweethearts whose love is as strong, passionate and playful to this day as it was 7 years ago, when they first met!  Watching them laugh, kiss, whisper in each other’s ears and giggle together throughout the whole photo shoot gave me an idea to write a few pointers for those camera-shy people who freeze at the mention of the prospect of having their photographs taken. Cold sweat, hands shaking, brain malfunction unable to control your limbs and all that stuff... you know the feeling. 

Ok, bit of an exaggeration there, but as photographers we know that having your photographs taken can feel a bit uncomfortable and intimidating therefore we approach every engagement session with the same attitude as when we’re playing and making silly pictures with our close friends. We aim to create a relaxed atmosphere and make our clients to feel at ease. We know it’s important to get to know ‘our couples’, so they feel relaxed around us.

Usually, we start off with quite conventional images, just so that we are confident that we have the shot. Time permitting, then shoot more creative images, taking into account the bride and groom’s personalities. A traditionally posed photo might serve as a record of what you looked like at that time. But we strive to go one step further, and create a unique photograph that will be something that our clients can treasure forever.

We like creating images that reflect your relationship, not just your likenesses. For some couples this means capturing their romantic bond, for others it’s the way to showcase how much fun they share together – or even hobby or activity in which they share an interest. The possibilities are endless so why not try something different unusual to make your photographs unique? 

Here are a few things to think about before your session...

  • Let’s go explore together... studio portraits are soo last year. ;-) Think about the location that is special to you as a couple. Bench in a park where you first kissed? A nice local spot where you take your dog for a walk? Think about all the flowers in the spring  or beautiful autumn colours... A beach (We know a beach there’s only an hour away from Stoke On Trent)? Does your husband to be like fishing? Let’s go catch some fish together! It can be absolutely anything, again possibilities are endless, so put your thinking cap on or simple log on to Google Earth and choose the right location for you.

Why not bring your pet?

  • Why not bring your pet? They are our best friends, part of our families; they cheer us up when we feel down and keep us company when no one else is around, so why not bring them to the photo shoot?  They say never work with kids and animals, because they are kind of unpredictable, which is exactly what we love. Note to all the lovers of exotic animal. We are operating strict no snakes and big spiders policy... :-)

  • Smile... does not need any more explanation.

  • Props... balloons, roller skates, bikes, your favourite car or armchair, it can be absolutely anything!

  • Be adventurous! Don’t be scared to climb the trees, jump around, do backflips or whatever you fancy. Just kidding! But try to think outside the box.
Be yourself & have fun!

  • Be yourself! Pretend we’re not there and have fun with it! Of course, we  know it’s likely that you’ve never been professionally photographed before, so we will give you guidance and direction, but those little moments when you forget about what’s going on and just be yourself, kissing or burst out laughing, those are the best photographs.

  • Be colourful... as in, wear something colourful, not black! Stripes, quirky socks or shoes, a funny tie... there’s no dress code here, so just stay true to yourself and your fashion sense, wear something you feel comfortable in and remember one of these shots is going to be hanged on your wall, so think about the colour scheme too...

Engagement sessions are so much fun because they capture your dynamic together, the beauty of your emotional connection, and even quirky things that make you as a couple unique. We will combine a mixture of poses and interactions to get your photographs together as well as individual shots.
Whether you've just got together, are engaged to be married, or you've been married for 30 years, sessions for couples in love create invaluable images... so let’s make your photograph an unforgettable one!

We are looking forward to your ideas! :-)
Love Karienne & Elizabeth

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