Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tiny feet and tiny toes, watch how this story grows....

This is one love story I have had the pleasure to watch unfold and grow, and at each opportunity I have been there waving a camera in their faces, ready to capture each moment (sorry guys) ...lol

The latest shoot was to photograph Mark and Hollie's 11 day old beautiful baby girl Lily-Rose. I so enjoy photographing newborns, well actually if truth be told I love the cuddles a little more, and that is what makes my job so enjoyable *huge smile*. As my babies are growing fast, it gives me chance to have my fill of that baby smell and remember what it was like to hold something so precious in my arms....broody me?...No, well maybe a little bit!

We love, love, love our job as photographers and are always grateful to the people that allow us in to their lives to capture the happiest and the most important moments they share together.

So, this is Mark and Hollies story so far. Welcome to the world Lily-Rose. I am looking forward to capturing the next chapter.....


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