Friday, 28 October 2011

10 random facts you might like to about us... :-)

Not really photography related but hey, web pages can be so impersonal, we think its important people get to see our personalities too.....enjoy..or not, you may think we are a little odd lol

10 RANDOM facts you might like to know about us… 

Who’s that chick?
1 Elizabeth owns 3 chickens and one of them is called ‘Queen Elizabeth’. They love strawberries, another random fact for you.

Real identity revealed…
2 Karienne's real name is Karina. A friend gave her an Elf name - Karienne, when she went through the 'Lord Of The Rings’ stage in her late teens. She thought it sounded kind of French, so she kept it as her pseudonym. For those of you who don't know Karienne is Slovakian. Liz is trying to learn the language but only has got so far as 'dobre' which means OK, and 'syyyyyr' which more importantly means 'say cheese' :D 

Taurians everyhere you look…
3 Karienne's birthday is on 13th May, her boyfriend’s on 14th May, Liz's hubby was born on 12th May, Liz's son Charlie 15th May and her niece on the 15th too! Poor Liz, that’s a hell of a lot presents to buy in one week!!! (not too mention all those Taurian traits too)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…
4 We both eat the whole of an apple (literally) including the pips and everything. We only leave the little stork on the top. Most people find this a little disturbing, to us its the norm!

We have a little ritual after every wedding...
5 After every wedding we stop in local Co-op and buy a chocolate cake (a family sized one) We always finish the day with a delicious cup of coffee and dose of chocolate, calories and endorphins while browsing through the pictures taken on the day, inclucing a little banter about who got the best angle :)

Big Fish.
As a 22-year old, Liz became one of the youngest licensees for Weatherspoons!

It’s a war!
Despite all the similarities, great friendship and the respect we have for each other, there's an ongoing dispute between us. Liz is Canon based and Karienne Nikon.

How could life on Earth exist before satnavs...meaning us!
We are both directionally challenged to say the least, therefore we always leave 2 hours early for every job we do. We have to say that we have never been late! It gives us time to eat our croissants in the car beforehand...yay.
However, there was this one time, when we decided to go on a photo trip to a water reservoir called Lathkill Dale near Bakewell and we ended up in a housing estate in Swadlingcote on a street called Lathkill Dale. Don’t ask us how. ;-D Liz found it hilarious, Karina not so much.

‘I may be a twin but I'm one of a kind.’
Elizabeth has got a twin sister called Jess… It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins.

Obsessions, high heels and getting the priorities right…
Elizabeth has got obsession with her nails. Quotation: ‘There’s God, my kids and then my nails.’ She loves having perfect nails. Karienne loves buying high heels (too many in Lizzie's opinion lol)that are one too many inches higher then she can actually manage to walk in.


  1. Love that guys! And I find it nice you decided to reveal a little of your lives to us ;) Best of luck!

  2. Thank you Janka. :-)