Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Model portfolio shoot with lovely Lisa [Behind scenes]

Good afternoon everyone!

We've just got back from the model portfolio shoot with beautiful Lisa. :-) Today, I've been given a role of Liz's assistant, but I'd prefer to call myself a 'creative director'. :-DD Anyway, I had to pick up a camera and do something. :-)So here are a few behind-the-scene photographs to give you a better insight into our work. :-)

Hope you like! Love Karienne 

Photographer on the day: Elizabeth
Model: Lisa

As you can see there's stuff everywhere. :-) We always attract quite a bit of attention and get a few curious looks, when we are walking with loads of bags, suitcases and camera equipment around quiet local spots. :-)
Creative director: Karienne :-P

And this shot on the left is my personal fav :-) Hope Liz remembers how much she loves me, when she sees this... :-)))) 

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