Thursday, 5 May 2011

New edits

As photographers we are always keeping up to date with what is new and what our clients want in terms of the finished look of their products. We have been trying out some new edits recently inspired by photographers whose work we love. Some of the edits are not to everyone's taste as it's a kind of art we create which can be so subjective, but we like to try new things to see how they look :)
These photos were taken on a recently commissioned family portrait shoot in force 10 winds (slight over exaggeration lol!) Anyway we found a beautiful field of Rapeseed Oil which had just come into bloom. The girls in the picture have a lovely relationship together and posed like pro's, and I have to say were very patient when I had to continuously remove hair out of their faces, damn wind! Girls, your bottom dancing to get your mum to smile was a great idea, not sure if my clients would find it quite so funny if I tried that method, but I'll bare it in mind on my next shoot (sorry couldn't resist)
Anyway, who ever said photography was glamorous obviously didn't try balancing on a wire fence to take photos, I ripped my favourite jeans when the wind decided to push me off, oh well it just means shopping for some more :)

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