Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fairy Tale

'Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.  But their magic sparkles in nature' 
~Lynn Holland

Today I did another photo shoot with an amazing model, whom you might remember from some of my previous photographs- Ljay. Spring is in the air and the nature is waking up from it's winter sleep (my favourite time of the year!!!), so we really wanted to go out and enjoy the day in the sunshine. 

And sunny it was but it definitely wasn't very warm. :-) Today was all about braving cold and facing our biggest fears in the name of art. :-D I had to climb the tallest tree in the world and I am absolutely petrified of heights but everything to get the shot! 

For more pictures, CLICK HERE!

And this is the photograph of me sitting on the top of the tree.  It doesn't look too bad on the picture, but trust me it felt like climbing a skyscraper. :)

Have a nice day, Elizabeth and I are off to Birmingham today to check out one beautiful wedding venue for the wedding we are photographing in couple of weeks! :) Excited! Fingers crossed we won't get lost on the way, as we always do! :)

Love Karienne

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