Saturday, 15 January 2011

Photoshoot with Elle J Divine

Hi everyone!

This week has been incredible but also incredibly busy! It was definitely worth it though! :) Glad I can just relax tomorrow, spend some time with my gorgeous partner and my sisters, make millions of pancakes and celebrate another successful week for K&E Photography!

Here are some photos from yesterdays photoshoot! It was fantastic experience! I remember when I first shot Ljay 2 years ago, I came home buzzing with excitement, saying to my boyfriend that I had just done the best shoot of my life, and that's exactly how I felt yesterday! ;) Ljay is a true inspiration and I am so happy that I had chance to work with her again! 

Have a nice weekend all of you! :)

PS: For those who would like to see more of our work, add 'Karienne Elizabeth-Photography' to your friends on Facebook and gain access to our extensive portfolio of both wedding and portrait photographs.


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