Tuesday, 14 December 2010

One colourful post :)

Being surrounded by colours, laughter and a bunch of nice people was just what I needed today, since last couple of days have been so grey. :) What I love about photography the most is meeting new people and being able to share a little while of their life. :) Today I've had a pleasure to photograph one truly amazing family, mum was a little camera shy, :) but Alice and her dad enjoyed themselves. :) 

Alice was the most well-behaved and happy little person I have ever worked with and I've discovered we share passion for dancing and especially Lady Gaga's music. :) Who knows, one we might go clubbing together! :)

I have had really good time and here are some of the images from today's shoot! 
Hope you have enjoyed my post and you will love the photos as much as we do! :)
Love Karienne

Working with kids can be a laugh and they always find ways of making photographer's life a little harder. :)

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  1. Neviem, Kajuš, čím to môže byť (či vyvážením bielej alebo osvetlením), no niektoré z tých fotiek na mňa pôsobia ako keby boli fotené pri (fádnom) svetle bežného izbového lustra.

    To nie je výhrada, len také malé počudovanie. Sú to veľmi pekné fotky, to decuľo vyzerá ako milý a podarený materiál na fotografovanie.